Actions speak louder than words

Pastor Matthew Best
6 min readMar 14

I was made aware for a bill in Texas introduced that would allow “everyday people to sue anybody who hosts or performs in drag where any child is in attendance. Critics say the measure will create a bounty-hunting culture that targets drag queens and transgender people.” ( Source).

According to the article, “A winning plaintiff can expect to be paid actual damages, attorney’s fees, and statutory damages of $5,000.”

And forget about parental rights — “this bill strips parents of the right to, for example, take their children to a family-friendly brunch hosted by a drag queen.” Parental right are only conveniently brought up for certain arguments, otherwise, apparently parents don’t know what is best for their children. You weren’t expecting consistency across arguments were you?

Make no mistake about it — the cruelty is the point. And the ends justify the means. And winning is everything. Don’t you feel safer already?

I have never seen any statistic that has shown how mass numbers of children being harmed or killed from a drag show. If there are, someone needs to produce these stats. But I’m doubting they exist at this point, or else I think they would have come out by now. Are there statistics that show incidents of harm, danger, and death for children (or anyone else for that matter) due to drag shows and cross dressers? I don’t know of any. Just thinking this through a bit — I don’t think drag shows would continue on their own if there was some kind of physical threat associated with them for the people who willingly come to them. People generally don’t put themselves in harms way.

Do you know what children have been harmed from in large numbers though? Mass shootings. they continue to go to school because it’s the law. I’m still waiting for these same legislators who are introducing anti-drag show and anti-trans legislation to take action that would do anything that might offer some actual safety to children from mass shootings which have caused harm and death over many years across the country.

Or maybe these legislators could take action on motor vehicle crashes, which are the leading causes of death in the US for children. Drowning, drug overdose, and even fires are more deadly and dangerous than drag queens and cross dressers to children. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s the list of the top 10 leading causes of death for children in the US in 2018, according to the Advisory Board. Sure, it’s a little…

Pastor Matthew Best

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