• Intelligence. This idol gives us the hope that it can solve all of our problems and can make us better than other people who aren’t as smart. The sacrifice is the dehumanizing effect on other people.
  • Production. This idol attempts to dictate our value and worth based on what we do. Those that produce more are worth more according to this idol. The sacrifice we offer this idol is those in poverty who can’t produce more.
  • Political Party. This idol promises us answers to all our challenges and salvation if only we give our loyalty to it. The sacrifice is our attention, our money, and our energy that the party demands. The sacrifice is a mind that is no longer free to think, but only accept whatever the party says is true. Truth is sacrificed.
  • Guns. This idol touches many nerves for so many. It offers us a promise of safety and security in a dangerous world. The sacrifice that is demanded is paid in the death of so many.
  • Big Government. This idol promises to take care of us. The sacrifice is freedom. The sacrifice is resources.
  • Security. This idol takes on many forms — a wall, military, etc. It offers us control over our lives by removing unpleasant and dangerous individuals and groups. The sacrifice is freedom, diversity, environmental cost, and more.
  • Abortion. This idol promises liberty for the body and solving a problem. The sacrifice is paid in human lives.
  • Money. This idol tells us the lie that we can’t live without it. That it has to make the decisions. That we never have enough of it. The sacrifice is our health and relationships in order to get more of it. It one of the pervasive idols throughout history.



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Pastor Matthew Best

Pastor Matthew Best

My name is Matthew Best. I’m an ELCA (Lutheran) pastor who attempts to translate church and churchy stuff into everyday language.