Prayer for August 12, 2020

Prayer for August 12, 2020: Please pray with me. Holy One, why do we make idols? Why do we insist on making gods in our own image and likeness? Why do we trade in all that you give us for some false god that is not just less than you, but less than ourselves — in fact, that is nothing? So we can feel more powerful? So we can feel like we are the ones with all the knowledge and answers? So we can feel in control? How pathetic can we really be? Rid us of these addictions! Cleanse us of this unhealthy desire to be in control and to control you. It hasn’t worked out well for humanity or the rest of creation. Why…



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Pastor Matthew Best

My name is Matthew Best. I’m an ELCA (Lutheran) pastor who attempts to translate church and churchy stuff into everyday language.