Who’s team are you on?

(I preached this sermon on Sunday, April 26, 2020. The Gospel reading for the day was Luke 24:13–35 — you can find the full recording of the service on our website — www.ststephenlc.org)

Recently we watched the movie Miracle. It’s the retelling of the 1980 USA Mens Olympic Hockey Team and the game that would come to be called the Miracle on Ice. The Miracle was that they beat the Soviet Olympic Team — a team that hadn’t lost a match in years and won Olympic gold in the four previous Olympics — 1964, 68, 72, and 76. All while the US team had struggled through the opening rounds year after…



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Pastor Matthew Best

My name is Matthew Best. I’m an ELCA (Lutheran) pastor who attempts to translate church and churchy stuff into everyday language.